Being Ron: Chapter 3 (Complete)

Chapter 3

Amazingly, Ron did nothing to ruin things with Hermione in the weeks leading up to Slughorn's party. He met her in the common room every morning, getting there before Harry so they could have some time alone. Unfortunately, it was usually only five or ten minutes because however much Ron fancied Hermione he was still inherently lazy and was definitely not a morning person. They would spend these precious minutes talking and Ron learned more about her family than he had in their six years of friendship previous; five years to her, he had to remind himself constantly.

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Being Ron: Chapter Two

Chapter 2

Why was this happening? Ron thought, as he stood frozen with Lavender attacking his lips. Hermione can't see this, she just can't. Ron snapped himself out of his shock and pulled away from her.

“Oh, Ron!” Lavender exclaimed, oblivious to his lack of enthusiasm. She leaned forward again, but this time Ron was ready. He stepped back, making her lose her balance. She steadied herself. “What are you doing?”

“I gotta go,” he said quickly. Barely noticing Lavender's astonished expression, Ron looked around the common room for Hermione, but couldn't find her. Nor could he find Harry. Bloody hell. He headed straight for the portrait hole, ignoring his friends as they congratulated him on the match. He had to apologize and explain to her. Everything would be okay if he could just do that. Shutting the portrait behind him, he headed toward the classroom where he knew she would be.

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Being Ron

Title: Being Ron
Chapter Title: Chapter 1
Characters: Ginny, Harry, Harry & Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Ron & Hermione
Genres: Romance, Angst/Tragedy, Fluff, Drama, Xover
Rating: TA
Warnings: Mild Language, Contains Spoilers for HBP!
Summary: What if Ron was given the chance to go back to before he kissed Lavender in sixth year? Dr. Tom is going to give him that chance. (inspired by the tv show Being Erica, with cameos from Dr. Tom)

A/N: No beta for this or anything, so please point out any spelling or grammatical errors to me.

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What's Your Sign? (Complete)

There weren’t many things Adam was sure about, but his ability to accurately assess a person’s star sign simply by observing and listening during one conversation was one that he held with absolute certainty. He looked for things like how a person made decisions or handled conflict. He had pegged Brad as a Libra the second his first love had so easily seen his side of things during their first argument, which had actually been their first conversation ever. Brad had challenged him in the most wonderful ways.

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I Need to Know

A/N: Inspired by INTK and Alright with Me. Written for the first drabble challenge at beepxbeepxbeep
Beta: _head1st4halos_

Kris craved silence when Katy slammed the door and walked out of his room. But, the song on his laptop kept playing, the mini-fridge hummed, and sirens echoed through the streets of the city. “If you make it in New York, you can make it anywhere,” was the saying that flashed through his head as he tried to absorb what had just happened. All the arguments and time apart weighed down on him, crushing him with their truth. There was no turning back, but there was no going forward either. He was stuck.

The one person he wanted to talk to was busy and there was no way he could interrupt him right now. He tried praying, but there was no voice inside his head telling him what to do.

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“Well, fuck me!” Adam exclaimed. “The dishwasher is broken and we have a dinner party in two hours and no clean dishes.”

Kris peeked his head into the kitchen from the dining room, where he had been setting out candles and testing the new sound system on their stereo.  “Hang on, I’ll be right there and we’ll wash them together.”

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